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Chelsea's Design Ethos & Experience

In my industry, there is a vast range of designers and styles. Most designers will confine their work into one genre and/or style. My work, on the other hand, does not conform to any one genre or style. My reasoning for this is that it is not my voice or personality that I am trying to convey but rather my clients. So when I design, I attempt to place myself in my client’s shoes to give them designs that really fit their needs and their audience.

As I mentioned on my home page, I have a wide range of experience in various forms of media. By diversifying my skills and style, I have had the opportunity to understand the marketing needs of different industries, their audiences, and what makes them all different.

Gallery Sample

Here’s a sample of some of my work including: package design, photography, graphic design, print design, website design, etc.

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Please note I currently do not offer website design outside of the company I work for called InSync Media LLC. If you are still interested in working with me please contact them via Thanks!