Well hi there! My names Chelsea and I’m a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I have always been an artistic person, though, my interest in the subject made it a little difficult to pick a specific area to pursue. Graphic Design is everywhere, so much so that most people don’t notice it until it’s pointed out to them. I don’t think I really noticed that you could even make money in the field until my senior year of High School to be honest. Though I must say my life up until graduating High School was nothing to sneeze at.

Currently, I am working as a Designer/Illustrator for a small company called Abrams, as well as, managing one of our many projects a coworking space in the small town of Montrose, Colorado called Proximity Space. I have only been working for Abrams for about a year and a half but the amount of work experience I have gained has been monumental. Not only am I learning how to be a community manager of a coworking space but also learning my chosen trade of Graphic Design and Illustration. Even in a small town like Montrose, CO I can still apply what I learned in College and move towards my ultimate goals.


Design is communication by telling the viewer a story through words or visuals. A designer must be able to relate to all audiences to tell history. History by it’s very meaning is the telling of a story. A Graphic Designers main duty is to interpret and create a concept or story so that all clients can understand.

It’s important to have a vast knowledge so as to prepare for the future. It’s an odd occurrence how the past can sometimes repeat itself. Even though we repeat it, it’s never quite the same because we have a few creative minds in the world who transform our concepts of what is past and what is present. Anyone can copy but not everyone can create. We learn from the past and evolve. It’s just human nature. Why should design be any different?