Me 2013


My name is Chelsea and I started my career as a Graphic Designer at Fort Lewis College. I didn’t have a chance to take many Art courses in High School so most of my drawing skills were self-taught. I taught myself first through tracing, then I started looking into shapes and the processes of drawing figures and objects. Later I learned how to draw by sight and eventually started to draw what was in my head.

I had no previous experience in Graphic Design before entering college and had to learn everything from working a Mac to basic coding in four years. I come from a very sports oriented family and my dad was the one who made me really think about what I wanted to learn at school. He would not let me go to school just for Art. He said if I could find a job in art that makes money consistently he would let me go to school for that, hence my Graphic Design option.

I was in school for about two years and asked my professors what a good major/minor would be and all said that marketing. I started working on my marketing minor that year and discovered that the majority of the information I got was exactly the same as what I was getting from my design classes. The only difference was that marketing went more in depth into how to segment a market. My minor really opened my eyes to the audiences that I needed to consider when designing. This helped me gain a purpose behind my work which significantly advanced my work in Graphic Design.

Since going to “The Fort” I have learned a lot and found my passion lies in illustration and character development. My inspiration comes from everything because my design philosophy involves looking at everything and creating a visual story with words or images.


Design is communication by telling the viewer a story through words or visuals. A designer must be able to relate to all audiences to tell the history of a company or an author. A graphic designer must interpret information, for a large and very diverse market, to determine the best way to create an image for them. For graphic design there is a need for designers to interpret and relate the design back to the clients to communicate.

A designer must have knowledge of past and present styles of design. This is because with such a large and diverse market the designer must know what styles each segment responds to. The designer must not only have a large knowledge base but also a broad imagination to be flexible with each segments demands while still staying true to their own style (anyone can copy but not everyone can create). The process is important because it shows that the designer cares, that the work is original, and the different ideas that they came up with along the way (in a way tells it’s own story).



  • Bachelor of Arts: Graphic Design Option; Minor of Marketing from Fort Lewis College
  • High School Diploma from Montrose High School


  • Drawing
  • Adobe – Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks, Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft – Word, Power-point, Excel, Works
  • Spanish – 3 years in High School and 2 Semesters in College

Work Experience:

  • Graphic Design Internship with First United Methodist Church of Durango
  • Lead staff in developing organized and simplified information for future visitors.
  • Worked with staff at times to gather information and receive input to better the final outcome of work.

City Market Courtesy Clerk

  • Interact with customers by helping them find products, bagging purchased items, and providing an overall pleasant experience.
  • Worked as a team member and individually to provide timely customer support.

Centennial/Mears Desk Attendant at Fort Lewis College

  • Worked as a consultant to residents in providing equipment and information. Set up appointments for residents who wished to speak with the Resident Director and performed a variety of other tasks as assigned.

Achievements at Fort Lewis College:

  • Won artwork competition for pamphlet cover for the Colorado Music Educators Association
  • National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
  • 2010 and 2012 Dean’s List
  • Freshman Algebra Award 2010

College Activities:

  • Member of American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • Rooted (campus ministry)
  • College Intramural Sports
  • Outdoor Pursuits Club
  • Snowboarding
  • Member of Residents Hall Association (RHA).